What’s everyone else saying about
the Faith Box?

Sitting in my living room every night with my Faith Box lit reminds me that everything is possible with God!

I have it sitting below my wedding invitation that is framed on my wall. It is a daily reminder that you need to put God first. There are no words to describe the warmth that the Faith Box gives my home.

— April Bitterman Breig

I gave a Faith Box to both my Daughter and Nephew as confirmation gift. It is always difficult to find a gift that is unique and has true meaning.

The Faith Box is both of these.

— Matt Yeutsy

We appreciate the uniqueness of the Faith Box. It blends the comfort of the Cross with a light of encouragement, plus the slot for a devotional book or Bible. This makes a great gift for so many reasons and seasons in a person's life!

— John Desaulniers, Jr., General Manager, Wellspring Christian Resources

I love my Faith Box! I will never forget breakfast at Village Inn when Don shared his vision of the Faith Box with me. I loved it then and knew I had to buy one when his vision was brought to fruition!!

My Faith Box is a reminder to always keep my faith in the word of God. It is beautiful to look at and source of peace and gladness for my heart every time I see it. When I am having a bad day I can sit and get still and look at the reflections of the crosses on my wall before diving into the word of God that gives me lasting peace.

I am so grateful for Don's vision of the Faith Box and that he made his vision a reality that I get to enjoy from the comfort of my living room.

— Jamie Poncy

I would like to take this time to mention the peace and serenity the faith boxes have brought to my families homes.

It is a true constant reminder how God gave his only begotten Son to die for our sins. The peace and beauty displayed by these faith boxes brings it all to life again!

— Rita VanZee
When I saw the illumination of the crosses and their amplified shadows on the wall, it was a “wow” moment for me.
— Ron Langel

My Dad was in a nursing home from July last year thru the time he passed away on September 23rd. I bought a Faith Box to give him warmth and inspiration every evening. I left the brass name plate off as I knew someday I would want to engrave it “In Loving Memory of Dad and Mom”, and have it for my home.

I couldn’t have made it through the holidays without my Faith Box providing me the same warmth and inspiration. We always planned every holiday around my Dad, and made sure as many of us that could be there was sitting around the table eating the food he always requested. I felt like an orphan this past Christmas, even though I have kids of my own. Still grieving, I would turn on the Faith Box each night. The beautiful crosses reflecting on my wall was soothing, and reminded me how wonderful it is that my parents are together again.

Don, I want to thank you for pursuing your sign from God to get the Faith Box in as many homes as possible. I know it has taken a lot of hard work and time getting it into production. Hang onto the fact that you have made a difference in the lives of those who own your Faith Box.

God Bless You,

— Mary Jo Key