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The “Faith Box” came to be in October 2011. Before then, I was a home builder in Des Moines, Iowa for over 35 years. I was inspired – in the truest sense of that word – to design and build the Faith Box. And here’s how that came about.

I finished drawing building plans for a young couple’s new home. I took a break and grabbed a cup of coffee. After returning to my desk, instead of putting away my drafting tools, I spent the next 6 hours drawing the Faith Box. I have always been a man of faith, but taking so much time to doodle up a “box” idea that seemingly came out of nowhere was over the top and out of character for me. I left the drawing at work and drove home.

Once home, I sat in my chair and reflected on my day. My 16 year old son was due home from his job in a few hours. While waiting up for him, I reached for a pad of paper to jot some more ideas down. I drew a cross with a simple caption, “Jesus Walk With Me.” I opened my Bible in search of an inspiring passage. I left briefly, but upon return noticed a white crease in the pages of my closed bible. I opened to the page to smooth it out. When my hand stopped, my finger tip was on the words “instead walk in Him“ {Colossians 2:6}. I was awestruck. I knew my Lord was talking to me.

I am certain God chose me to build this Faith Box to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ into the world. Nowadays, I get home from work - even after a not-so-good day - and flip the Faith Box LED light on. Those three crosses project up onto my living room wall, and the site simply fills my heart with such warmth and peace. And in my home, it stays on as a night light, and serves as a continuous affirmation that He has overcome the world {John 16:33}.

Join us in proclaiming His victory.

-Don Brill

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